I am truly happiest when I'm creating or outside in nature. If I can combine the two all the better.

After working in Education for over 12 years as a level 3 Education Assistant with mainstream, special needs children and students at risk, using my skills to facilitate the Bounce Back Resilience program, mutual Lit literacy program and being heavily involved in producing scripts, backdrops and props for class assemblies ( not your average primary school productions ), I made the decision after suffering many years of continual illness and eventually burnout to resign from working in a school environment to focus on my own wellbeing.

It was during this time and noticing how spending more time outside, being in nature, keeping things slower and simple had made a huge difference to all aspects of my life and bought energy back into my soul. I decided to start up a small business to incorporate and share what I had learned and experienced and you will find little snippets of this in our Little Wild Words book.  This small business has continued to evolve since its inception and ebbs and flows just like the seasons as I learn, grow and change for the better. 




You'll notice that all our products are inspired by nature and all it's beauty. Paper making is not only a slow create art, it's meditative and a mindful process. Our ethos is to reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose as much as we can, to use what we grow right here and to live and work with purpose and intention. 

My vision is to share what I've lived and learnt and make a difference, educate and inspire you to spend more time outside, getting out in nature, live slowly and simply, recycle and repurpose creatively and find joy in the simple things in life..

To be creative is to let little pieces of your heart go

and to place them into each project you make. ~ Pat Bravo

Nature is not a place to visit.

It is home.