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Welcome to Wild Ivy Child Collective

and thank you for joining us here.  

Life in today's world is fast paced and can take it's toll on us physically, mentally and spiritually, not just adults but our children too.

Many of us are overwhelmed with busy schedules, being stuck indoors and in front of screens.

Yes, most of us need to work or study and lets face it, there's no way of completely getting away from

computers, phones, tablets and other devices as thats modern life. But we can make sure that we are taking time to digitally detox and taking regular breaks away from screens.  

It's time to get ourselves and our children back outside, back in nature. Exploring, discovering and appreciating all it has to offer. From your own backyard, to the local park down the street.

Go on a bush walk or a trip to the beach. It's all waiting and its free.







Lets get creative and try to reuse, recycle, repurpose, and revamp the material things we have if we can. 

Getting back to the simple things in life, embracing slower living, being conscious, intentional and mindful in all we do. 


Nature is not a place to visit.

It is home.

~Gary Snyder 

When we crave simplicity, we are not after an easier life.

We are after life. ~ Dave Bruna


After working in Education for over 12 years as a level 3 Education Assistant with mainstream,  special needs children and students at risk, using my skills to facilitate the Bounce Back Resilience program, Multi-lit Literacy program and being heavily involved in producing scripts, backdrops and props for class assemblies ( not your average productions ), I made the decision after suffering many years of continual illness and eventually burnout to resign from working in a school environment to focus on my own wellbeing.

It was during this time and noticing how spending more time outside, being in nature, keeping things slower and simple had made a huge difference to all aspects of my life and bought energy back into my soul.  I decided to pursue starting up a small business to share what I've learned and experienced. 

This small business has continued to evolve since its inception from Handmade creations to Coffee and Herbal Teas to what it has become today and it continues to ebb and flow just like the seasons, as I learn, grow and change for the better. 

Nestled in the Perth hills and surrounded by nature you'll find the Wild Ivy Child office/studio. It's here that I design and produce wellbeing and resilience products for both adults and children of all ages.

Do I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology, Botany or

Science? That would be a no. But as a wife, a Mother of two adult children, a traveller, educator, creative, lover of nature and a Grandma to the most gorgeous little man I do have mountains of skills. I've raised children and taught and supported many other people's children in an educational setting, worked in different jobs in many different fields, planted gardens, made many creative things and travelled to some amazing places. But I've also experienced burnout, fatigue, illness and depression. Have I benefited from the things I share with you through Wild Ivy Child Collective?  YES I most certainly have and this is what I'm sharing here with you.







My purpose and vision is to share what I've lived and learnt and make a difference, educate and inspire you to spend more time outside, getting out in nature, live slowly and simply, recycle and repurpose creatively and find joy in the simple things in life. 


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